Miguel Borrego, a 23-year-old Sevillian with a degree in Basic and Experimental Biomedicine and a master’s degree in ESO and Baccalaureate Teacher Training, has made history by becoming the first winner of the 111,000 euro jackpot in ‘Figures and Letters’.

Since his childhood, Borrego dreamed of participating in the program and tonight, in the exciting edition presented by Aitor Albizua, Borrego surpassed his rival, Carles Ferrando, in an intense battle that took him to the top of the program.

In addition to his impeccable academic training, Borrego is known for his love of Eurovision and his dedication to board games and escape rooms.

With his life motto “Always positive” as his guide, Borrego took on the competition with an indomitable spirit, racking up €2,400 in prize money before securing the coveted jackpot.

In ‘Cifras y Letras’, Borrego has proven to be a formidable competitor, accumulating not only deep knowledge, but also an exceptional ability to solve problems and think quickly under pressure. His journey in the program has been an example of his tenacity and determination, characteristics that have undoubtedly led him to become the first jackpot winner in the history of the contest.