Juan Grabois and Ramiro Marra starred in a television debate on the program A Dos Voces that did not leave Argentine viewers indifferent. The social leader and the Buenos Aires legislator from La Libertad Avanza launched all kinds of accusations and insults at each other, showing their clearly antagonistic visions about their country model.

A discussion that raised the temperature of the Todo Noticias (TN) studios, with Gribois being very critical of the representative of Javier Milei’s party, who has been president of Argentina since November of last year. Some accusations, which added to the insults and grievances derived from the debate on economic issues, which ended with Marra accusing Grabois of “stealing” from people.

Marra directly accused Grabois’ group of having “unclear” accounts, referring to the case of several officials and how they managed the Socio-Urban Integration Fund (FISU) during the government of Alberto Fernández.

Grabois defended himself directly: “Do you have proof that I stole from people?” the social leader snapped. However, the worst moment came almost at the end of the debate, when Marra treated the leader Eduardo Belliboni, of the Polo Obrero, as a “delinquent.” “Like Belliboni, your friend, does,” he snapped.

Marra’s accusation does not come by chance. The Buenos Aires legislator from La Libertad Avanza accuses Belliboni as such for the reduction of 2 percent from the beneficiaries of social plans, by social organizations, which are currently in court fighting for extortion cases in court.

In the debate, the role of the State in social plans was also discussed, and Marra insisted that people should have “work, not plans.” Grabois, for his part, took the opportunity to define Javier Milei’s project as “an economy of dehumanization and plunder. You stole hope from the people, you only left poor people.”

The discussion did not progress much better, as the insults continued between both politicians. Grabois called Marra a “money chump”; and even he asked him, angry at the moment at the moment of farewell: “Shake your hand hard, like a man,” trying to force a last exchange of words.

Marra, for his part, did not remain silent: “At least I don’t steal from the poor. I’ll tell you to your face,” the other snapped, approaching and staying just a few centimeters from his face. Grabois stirred and responded to Milei’s former Buenos Aires candidate: “I don’t steal from anyone. I congratulate you, you are a barbarian male. Alfa male”.