Manuel Méndez Lozano, popularly known as Manolo Kabezabolo, has visited the Hora 25 program on Cadena Ser to present a film project that he is very excited about: a documentary about his life.

The musician has recorded a piece about his musical and personal career which he titled Manolo Kabezabolo. If you’re still missing teeth, you weren’t there. This documentary, directed by José Alberto Andrés Lacasta, can be seen from May 17 in some cinemas in the national territory.

In the interview on the radio station, the singer confessed to being very happy with the release of the documentary and took stock of his life. The man has answered Aimar Bretos’ different questions with total sincerity and has recognized that his career has been marked, on many occasions, by suffering. However, he has also said that he is satisfied: ”Punk has made me live life in a way that for me has been the most satisfying (…) For me punk is the way to face life’ ‘.

The author has recognized that the idea of ​​what punk is has changed a lot in recent years and has explained that for him violence is present in everyday life and not only in this musical genre: ”Society itself is already violent per se. “How it is structured: people fired from their jobs, who cannot get a job, people who have a family to feed and have no way, evictions… There are many things that are more violent than physical violence.”

For Manolo, his music is art. She may not be the most virtuous, but the ability she has had to “remove the itch in people” has allowed her to have a career, something she is truly grateful for.

A part of the interview has gone viral on social networks. At one point in the conversation, Bretos brought up the subject of his mental health problems: ”Manolo, watching the documentary I wondered how much your schizophrenia has influenced your creative capacity (…) I was amazed when it was told that you left the psychiatric hospital to give concerts.”

”Well, the truth is that schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, because the diagnoses also change, because I have had periods of being hospitalized that have been quite creative. I have also had destructive ones,’ he answered bluntly. Regarding his departure from the center to perform, the musician has stated that it was something normal for him: ”They came to look for me on Friday or Thursday (…) and I spent the weekend away.”