Yesterday Survivors held one of its busiest galas to date. The program was marked by the unexpected expulsion of Javier Ungría, the images of the reunion of Kiko Jiménez and Sofía Suescun and the drama around the supposed kiss between Gorka and Marieta, a dispute in which almost all the contestants of the edition participated.

Meanwhile on set, Jorge Javier Vázquez starred in one of the funniest moments of the night when he flirted with Miri’s father and defender, who confessed that he found the presenter of the Mediaset España program very attractive.

Vázquez is characterized by his ability to find jokes and his wit when speaking, but this type of humor does not always please viewers. Yesterday, when connecting for the first time at night with the Cayos Cochinos, the Catalan philologist dedicated a somewhat unfortunate comment to his partner Laura Madrueño: ”We connected with Honduras to greet the goddess of the sea. Let’s see how she comes along today. But if she comes today… If she has put on a curtain covering her shoulders.’

Faced with this presentation, the communicator tried to get out of the situation with humor and said a pleasant “I’ll kill you” in a joking tone while she put her hands to her face and looked embarrassed. ”Do you think I can start like this?” She added, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Far from ending the conversation, Belén Esteban and María Patiño’s friend continued insisting: ”Yes, when I went to my family’s town, Povedilla, Albacete, they had that in the living room.”

Given Jorge Javier’s perseverance in talking about his outfit, Laura decided to continue with her work and told the spectators everything they had prepared for the gala (final expulsion, leader test, etc.).

Jorge Javier Vázquez, in an attempt to be funny and establish trust with his co-worker, also talked about the hairstyle he had chosen for the occasion, which did not go unnoticed during the broadcast. This updo is known as ‘ball ponytail’ or ‘bubble ponytail’.

”My goodness, I love the hair they’ve put on you, the bun… It makes your jaw super marked,” Vázquez said before the 38-year-old woman could respond: ”You’re going to take my colors away. “. ”But it is a Jerez horse from behind. I love it, Laura,” said the presenter after taking a look at the ponytail that the Telecinco worker was wearing.