Authorities at Hilo International Airport in Hawaii arrested a traveler from Japan for “terroristic threatening” after he allegedly brought two hand grenades in his carry-on luggage. The Hawaii Police Department and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed that the airport was evacuated on Tuesday after officials discovered two items resembling grenades during X-ray screening. The traveler, Akito Fukushima from Kanazawa, Japan, was taken into custody for first-degree terroristic threatening.

TSA agents found the grenades in Fukushima’s carry-on bag around 5:30 a.m. local time while he was attempting to depart the country. As a precautionary measure, the airport was evacuated, and the Hawaii Police Department’s bomb squad inspected the grenades. Upon further examination, specialists determined that the grenades were inert.

Fukushima was arrested at 6:45 a.m. and was transported to the East Hawaii Detention Facility. The Hawaii Police Department emphasized that replicas of explosives, like hand grenades, are not allowed in checked or carry-on baggage. Operations at the airport resumed at 6:50 a.m. after the all-clear was given.

This incident serves as a reminder of the strict security measures in place at airports to ensure the safety of all passengers and staff. It is crucial for travelers to be aware of what items are prohibited in carry-on luggage to avoid such situations that could cause unnecessary panic and disruptions.

Travelers are urged to familiarize themselves with the TSA guidelines on prohibited items to prevent delays and potential legal consequences. It is always best to double-check luggage before heading to the airport to ensure compliance with regulations and to facilitate a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

The prompt response from authorities at Hilo International Airport demonstrates the effectiveness of security protocols in identifying and addressing potential threats. The cooperation between the TSA, local law enforcement, and airport personnel was instrumental in resolving the situation promptly and safely.

As travelers, it is essential to prioritize safety and security while traveling by adhering to regulations and reporting any suspicious items or activities. The incident at Hilo International Airport serves as a reminder of the vigilance required to maintain a secure environment for all individuals in transit.

In conclusion, the swift action taken by authorities in response to the discovery of the hand grenades highlights the importance of thorough security checks at airports to prevent potential threats and ensure the well-being of passengers and staff. Travelers are encouraged to stay informed about security guidelines and cooperate with officials to enhance safety measures in the travel industry.