The collaborators of Ni que fueremos Shhh no longer have any type of restriction when it comes to expressing their opinions. Although at the time of Sálvame they were not cut, now they are completely unleashed. Kiko Matamoros, now banned from Mediaset, no longer wanted to remain silent about Survivors.

The collaborator, without hesitation, has revealed what happens behind the scenes in Honduras: everything is directed by Cuarzo, the production company. Thus, Matamoros has assured that her daughter Laura Matamoros entered scripted by the reality team so that, before jumping from the helicopter, she would allude to Makoke, her former stepmother. “You are liars! I’ll let you know,” Matamoros has guaranteed.

According to the collaborator, it was even produced in a dress rehearsal so that everything went perfectly: “It is a speech that the director, whose name is Ángel, prepared for him, who tells him verbatim what they have to say. From the beginning to the end in that jump. Before jumping, they review with her what they want them to say.”

Matamoros has clarified that this game seems “very good to him from the point of view of the show” and even more so if his daughter took part, but he does not intend to tolerate that Telecinco used it to make her look like a villain and then feed other programs: “The problem is “That producer is dedicated to burying my daughter’s image for playing what they are proposing to her.” So she has advised him not to go to any set so that they do not use her anymore.

Furthermore, Matamoros wanted to have a few words for Tuco, his daughter’s defender on set, and with whom he did not agree at all with his role. In this sense, the collaborator has indicated that Laura’s friend did not stand up despite knowing what was happening: “He bowed to the majority discourse of others without taking into consideration what I am saying. “You were using it and you continue to do so.”

Matamoros, very upset and upset to see that in Survivors they continue to mistreat his daughter, has ended up launching a severe threat to Telecinco, which would have dedicated itself to asking its collaborators not to leak information to Matamoros and that it could turn against them. : “It’s very dirty. I have enough information to spoil you. If you want a pulse, you will have it. Now it is OK”.