In an exclusive interview for TardeAR, Ana Rosa Quintana spoke live with the excommunicated bishop Pablo de Rojas, leader of the Pious Union of San Pablo Apóstol, an organization considered a sect by the Vatican. Father Rojas, self-styled “imperial duke” and “five times great Spain”, has assumed the guardianship and jurisdiction of the nuns of the Order of Poor Sisters of Santa Clara de Belorado y Orduña.

In TardeAR, the excommunicated bishop Pablo de Rojas, leader of the Pious Union of Saint Paul the Apostle, has spoken out about the recent rebellion of the nuns of Belorado and Orduña, denouncing what he considers persecution by the Catholic Church.

The nuns, who since 2012 have formed a single monastic community with two headquarters, have accused the Vatican of defaming them and have announced their approach to pre-conciliar postulates under the tutelage of Pablo de Rojas. In the interview, Father Rojas reiterated his support for the nuns, refuting the Church’s accusations and defending his decision to join the Pious Union.

Regarding his home and lifestyle, Father Rojas justified his income through “state channels, members of the association and numeraries.” In addition, he explained the structure of the Pious Union, highlighting the presence of priests, numeraries, men and women religious, and pointed out that a chaplain will be placed in the new monasteries that have joined his jurisdiction.

“There are 7 of us priests, not counting the religious; Numeraries, married or with private vows, number around 200 and do not wear religious habits or insignia. And then religious men and women who, obviously, do wear habits,” Don Pablo explained.

Regarding the accusations of usurpation and excommunication, Pablo de Rojas admitted that he was excommunicated by the Conciliar Church, but insisted that he continues with the apostolic succession and received valid ordination. As for Pope Francis, he described him as a heretic, although he refrained from making a moral analysis of him.

“The nuns of Burgos have taken this step out of love and faith,” added Father Rojas. “The Poor Clare nuns are collaborators and do not belong to the Pious Union of Saint Paul the Apostle. They are going to make solemn, private vows. They have a good training, they have a good psychology; Even on the part of the majors, there is no one insane. These private vows will be assumed as solemn and will have a formation for the perennial teaching of the Church,” Don Pablo assured. Emphasizing the mental state of the nuns, the leader of the Pía Unión stated: “The important thing is the nuns, they are neither secluded nor mentally ill.”

The controversy surrounding the monastery of the Poor Clare nuns of Belorado has sparked an intense debate about the legitimacy and authority of Pablo de Rojas, who defends his position as spiritual leader of the nuns in the face of criticism from the Catholic Church.