Summer is festival time. Regardless of the musical genre you like, the Spanish geography is filled with posters full of great artists with whom you can dance and sing at the top of your lungs. But in addition to having a good time enjoying live music, music festivals are a perfect opportunity to take risks with more striking makeup.

Makeup for a concert or music festival is characterized by shimmer, whether in the form of iridescent highlighter, glitter, or even rhinestones attached to your skin. From this maxim, creativity takes the reins in surprising compositions full of color and an always glow finish. Here we leave you some makeup ideas for you to recreate or take as inspiration for your festivals this summer.

TikTok user @millieleer opts for an eyeliner in purple tones on the upper part of the eyelid, filled with a gradient glitter shadow from the tear duct to the outside. She adorns it with some rhinestone appliqués inside the corner of the eyeliner and completes the equation with more shadow under the lower lashes.

In this case, @lunalexxxx opts for an option that is as simple as it is flattering. Apply a shadow with an iridescent finish to the eyelid, along with a cat-eye liner. It could perfectly be makeup for any special occasion, but elevate the result in a festival key by edging the entire corner of the eyeliner with rhinestone appliqués.

@inmakeup_ ups the ante by drawing a dramatic eyeliner that borders the entire upper eyelid below the eyebrow with a pronounced corner. The masterful touch comes when he covers the entire eyeliner with multicolored rhinestone appliqués and finishes it with extra-long eyelashes.

Simpler – but equally beautiful – @lauralp21’s proposal. Apply a highlighting shadow to the eyelid and draw a cat-eye liner. Next, place a series of rhinestone appliqués along the upper arch of the eye, below the eyebrows.

If you don’t want to wear rhinestone appliqués, you can opt for the @taontm option, very original. Draw an asymmetrical liner composed of three strokes: one liner on the upper lash line finished in a cat’s eye, another line on the eye socket and another on the lower lash line, in an electric blue tone. Then apply an iridescent finishing shadow on the upper eyelid in a soft pink tone.

In the @revolvebeauty profile, this surprising option where the entire eye is adorned with a gradient shadow in blue tones, uniting both eyes, also applying plenty of it in the nose area, as if it were a mask. She has fine black eyeliner and the icing on the cake are the shiny appliqués placed around the eyes, which also extend to the temples and cheekbones.