A smart wardrobe is one in which you know how to use the clothes well. Or what is the same, do not relegate them to a single style or time of day, but learn to combine them with each other in different ways. Even in ways that can achieve results that, at first, might seem totally opposite. One of the most versatile garments to achieve this are satin midi skirts, currently in full trend.

They were already successful during the fall and winter months, but their success has also managed to reach the spring-summer season. And this type of garment can be worn in totally different ways and always achieving sophisticated and stylish outfits. That is precisely one of the main reasons for its success. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of them and ends up relegating them to formal environments. A big mistake about how to wear a satin midi skirt. Above all, because they are an excellent option both for going to work and having a great time at night.

You have to lose your fear of the satin midi skirt. This is the only way to take advantage of all the possible combinations that this garment offers. In fact, on the same day you could wear two completely different outfits, but with her as the protagonist.

A satin midi skirt to wear to the office requires clothes that are simpler to achieve balance. As well as to focus the attention on the skirt. Therefore, it is best to opt for neutral colors or tones that match the garment.

Another tip will be to add accessories, such as accessories and shoes, with a more discreet air, without risking their shapes or texture. Preferably in simple lines. Strappy sandals or sneakers, paired with a t-shirt or blouse and all finished off with a blazer would be an appropriate combination for the office.

But that same satin midi skirt can have a second life at night. And, once again, the secret will be in the accessories. In this case you have to do the opposite of the previous one. That is, choose other clothes that are striking and have elements more suitable for an evening look.

For example, a sequined or shiny top, heels or platforms, and a bag that is small in size and is also more focused on a party look. However, you will have to be careful not to overdo it. The key will be to achieve a balance and that not all garments are equally striking, so as not to overload.