Flora González has managed to become one of the most recognized faces of Telecinco and Cuatro, thanks to her work as a presenter in the El Tiempo program. It was in 2015 when she arrived at Mediaset after receiving a call that she considers changed her life.

Despite not devoting herself to the world of fashion, as she originally studied, she is always very happy at this stage of her life. However, now she has suffered a hard blow by losing her “grandmother” Paca, a person whom he was very fond of and who has shared great moments with the journalist.

“Today the sky is more beautiful than ever to welcome our grandmother Paca,” the journalist shared along with a photograph of the sunset. A tender message that she wanted to accompany with a star emoticon. But it was not the only thing she has published, since she has not hesitated to send him an emotional message through her Instagram.

“My grandmother Paca is already in a place where she doesn’t hurt at all, I’m sure her mother received her, Grandma Juana with her cotton hair and with that love that only mothers know how to give,” she began to relate along with a series of photographs of both. “I’m sure she is also hugging her son and all those who care for us from the stars. Thank you grandmother for teaching us to be strong, you will be eternal in our hearts,” she added.

After this, there have been many colleagues who have wanted to send messages of affection to the presenter. “Big hug Flora,” wrote Leticia Iglesias. “A big hug. Rest in peace,” added María Jesús Ruiz. A virtual hug to which hundreds of people have contributed, including many of his almost 200,000 followers.

And it is not surprising that she is spending these difficult moments with her husband Carlos Dato, with whom she passed through the altar on August 27, 2022 in an emotional wedding celebrated among olive trees on a farm in Córdoba and surrounded by her loved ones. .

A link in which she was also able to put her studies in Fashion and Beauty Communication on the table, choosing a dress from a brand that she really liked during her time as a fashion editor before presenting El Tiempo. “Yolancris is a brand that I always loved because it was very different. It was not the typical bridal concept, it was with a more bohemian touch, with a touch of street and party. Outside of the classic bride. For me it was a dream to be able to wear one of her designs,” she said.

Flora González and her husband met in 2004 when they were both just students. A time in which they did not pay “any attention to each other,” as she explained in the magazine ¡Hola!. But, in 2017 they got together again and love arose.