Last Tuesday, May 21, María Patiño announced bombshell news on the Quickie Channel: the breakup of the Andalusian fashion designer Vicky Martín Berrocal and the businessman Enrique Solís. ”It has been a very eventful Rocío for her. Her friend Ricarda died and her daughter had a small accident that became an anecdote. What they tell me and assure me is that Vicky has definitively broken up with her partner Enrique Solís,’ explained the presenter of Ni que fuerámos Shhh in the entertainment space.

Despite the stony silence of the protagonists, Vanitatis and El Español confirmed the news of the estrangement a day later and announced that the ‘lovebirds’ had decided not to continue with their sentimental bond.

According to Vanitatis, the trip they took together to the fair in April dynamited the relationship, since, at said event, Solís was seen ‘in a loving attitude’ with a Sevillian influencer, who in turn was a friend of Vicky. The pink magazine Semana published that, after this episode, both had a strong argument.

Different media outlets have announced that one of the main reasons for the distancing is Berrocal’s decision not to want to have a serious and stable relationship. According to people close to her, the presenter is living a quiet time, but very busy and she does not want to tie herself down and dedicate 100% of her energy to a romantic relationship.

However, the aforementioned newspapers have stated that the situation between the celebrities is not definitive and that they could still resume contact, so we will have to be very attentive to their next steps.

Although he has not met with any journalist and has not given any statement in recent months, Enrique Solís knows that he has become a media figure and has always been friendly to the media in general. 

A few hours ago, the attractive businessman shared an enigmatic message through his Instagram profile that has set off all the alarms: ”I only ask for calm and you make the sea water foam.” Indirect or not, the phrase is part of the lyrics of the song Pausa, by the music group Izal. This title crowns a carousel of images in which you can see Enrique Solís smiling while he enjoys a time of peace, tranquility and nature.