Emma Stone is one of the most fashionable faces in Hollywood. The actress born in Scottsdale, Arizona, has already been awarded two Oscars for best actress, two Golden Globes and two other BAFTAs.

Stone is at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, where she has come to present her new film Kinds of Kindness, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and co-starring Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn.

At the press conference after the premiere, according to People magazine and in statements cited by Glamour, a journalist called the actress ‘Emily’, to which someone corrected her to say “Emma”, so that Stone herself immediately stated: “My name is Emily, thank you. How nice!”

Not many people know the story under her name, which Stone herself told in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She calls herself Emma Stone even though her real name is ‘Emily’ because, when she went to register for the Screen Actors Guild, there was already someone with that name registered.

In the same interview she also comments that when people start to know her they call her by her real name. “I got scared a couple of years ago. For some reason, I said to myself, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Call me Emily,” said the actress.