DESTRUCTION Unveils New Single ‘No Kings – No Masters’ Ahead of 2025 Album Release

After wrapping up their “40 Years Of Destruction” anniversary tour in 2023 across South America, Mexico, and Europe, German thrash metal legends DESTRUCTION are back with a bang. The band has just dropped a fierce new single titled “No Kings – No Masters,” accompanied by a music video. The surprise release is available on a limited fan edition two-track 12-inch vinyl, featuring the new single and a cover of ACCEPT’s classic hit “Fast As A Shark.”

DESTRUCTION, a powerhouse in the metal scene, has graced the stages of renowned festivals like Hellfest, Wacken Open Air, Graspop Metal Meeting, and México Metal Fest. Fans can expect more exciting news about their upcoming full-length album set to hit the shelves in early 2025. As part of the “Teutonic Four” alongside KREATOR, SODOM, and TANKARD, DESTRUCTION will join forces with the other three acts for the “Klash Of The Ruhrpott” concert on July 20, celebrating thrash metal in its purest form.

Bassist/vocalist Schmier shared his thoughts on the new single, stating, “The new single kicks off the countdown for the upcoming album. It’s a high-octane track with blistering guitars and breakneck speed, showcasing the next level of DESTRUCTION!” Fans can anticipate the album’s release and are encouraged to turn up the volume when listening to “No Kings – No Masters.”

In a recent interview, Schmier emphasized DESTRUCTION’s commitment to their signature thrash metal sound, stating, “Every album we do sounds a little bit different, but it always will sound like DESTRUCTION. Don’t change your winning recipe.” Despite the challenges of playing physically demanding music as they age, Schmier believes that experience and passion play a vital role in their performances.

DESTRUCTION underwent a lineup change in 2021, with Martin Furia stepping in as the new guitarist following the departure of founding member Michael “Mike” Sifringer. The current lineup comprising Schmier, Martin Furia, Randy Black, and Damir Eskić continues to deliver electrifying performances and push the boundaries of thrash metal.

As DESTRUCTION gears up for a monumental 2025 album release, fans can expect nothing short of pure metal mayhem from these veterans of the genre. Stay tuned for more updates and unleash the power of “No Kings – No Masters” as DESTRUCTION paves the way for a new era of thrash metal excellence.