Dark Side of Puppets Unveiled in Netflix’s Latest Psycho Thriller

A new Netflix psychological thriller titled Eric, debuting today, features Benedict Cumberbatch portraying a distraught father and professional puppeteer on a mission to locate his missing son. His desperation leads him to believe that showcasing a blue monster puppet, named Eric, that his son drew on television will unlock the mystery in this 1980s-based series. As viewers dive into this thrilling narrative, let’s explore some eerie puppet tales from across the globe.

It’s commonly believed to be bad luck to whistle on stage at theaters, a superstition dating back to a time when whistling signaled the dropping of scenery and sometimes led to accidents. Recently, Richard Cadell, Sooty’s right-hand man, experienced this firsthand when he whistled in a haunted theater outside Leicester. The aftermath left him feeling cursed, with props crashing to the floor and Sooty’s box glass shattered, evoking fear in him.

Telly paranormal investigator Jayne Harris encountered a possessed puppet that attempted to strangle its previous owner. This unsettling wooden figure, believed to house a malevolent spirit, was kept in a glass case blessed with holy water. Haunted Dolls Paranormal Research’s lead investigator captured the puppet’s movement on camera, shedding light on the nightmares that plagued its former owner.

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas boasts a puppet room within the Wengert Mansion, a site known for witchcraft rituals and ghostly seances. Among the eerie artifacts are antique marionettes with a dark and malevolent energy that have been linked to disturbing incidents, including physically moving individuals without explanation.

In a bizarre incident in 2017, ventriloquist David Sampson faced police questioning after a woman accused his puppet of making inappropriate remarks. Despite denying the allegations, Sampson found himself entangled in a peculiar situation involving his puppet, Grisweld, The Super-Dog plush.

The dark side of puppets also extends into the realm of criminality, as evidenced by the disturbing case of US pedophile Geoffrey Portway. Uncovered in 2013, Portway’s sinister plot to kidnap and abuse children involved Ronald Brown, who operated a party business called Puppets Plus. The chilling details of their plan, including a child-sized coffin found in Portway’s residence, shed light on the terrifying potential puppetry can harbor.

As audiences immerse themselves in the world of Eric, it’s evident that the realm of puppets holds a darker, more sinister allure than meets the eye. From haunted theaters to malevolent spirits trapped within wooden figures, the mysteries surrounding these inanimate objects continue to fascinate and disturb in equal measure.