Two teenagers in California were injured during a fireworks accident on July 4th, with one of them reportedly losing several fingers in the incident. The accident occurred in Berkeley, where neighbors informed local media that one of the teenagers might have lost up to four fingers due to the explosion. The Berkeley Police Department confirmed that two teenage boys were hurt during the blast, with one of them sustaining a “significant” injury. The other teenager suffered minor injuries but did not require hospitalization.

While the identities of the teenagers have not been revealed, it was reported that the injured teenager taken to the hospital was a high school football player preparing for his senior season at Berkeley High School and aiming for a college scholarship. The Berkeley Fire Department, police, and ambulance responded promptly to the scene of the accident. Authorities emphasized that fireworks are dangerous, illegal, and can pose life-threatening risks.

Approximately 30 teenagers were present at the location where the incident occurred, and some of them had started lighting fireworks about an hour before the injuries occurred. Surveillance footage captured boys playing football on the street as fireworks exploded in the sky, leading to a blast around 9:50 p.m. A firework exploded in one boy’s hand, causing panic and distress among the group.

Following the explosion, the injured teenager, clearly in pain, called for someone to dial 911 for help. Other boys stopped their game and rushed to assist the injured teenager. According to a neighbor interviewed by KNTV, the firework did not ignite properly, and despite being warned by a friend to let it go, the injured teenager grabbed it, resulting in the explosion.

The aftermath of the accident was visible the next day, with bloodstains still visible on the street corner and fence. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with fireworks and the importance of handling them responsibly. The Berkeley Police Department expressed hopes for the full recovery of the juveniles involved in the accident.

It is crucial for individuals, especially young people, to understand the risks involved in handling fireworks and to adhere to safety guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries. The community and authorities urge everyone to exercise caution and avoid engaging in dangerous activities that could have severe consequences. Let us all prioritize safety and well-being, especially during festive occasions like Independence Day.