Last August, Daniel Sancho ended the life of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta while they were both enjoying a vacation in Thailand. The son of actor Rodolfo Sancho confessed to the crime and was imprisoned pending trial. After eight months in jail, the trial against the accused began last Tuesday, April 9.

The start of the legal process against Sancho has once again placed the case in the headlines of media around the world. On this occasion, the trial has special relevance, since the prosecution is trying to prove that there was premeditation in the murder, something that could cost the young man the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Daniel Sancho’s defense is working very hard to prove at trial that the chef committed reckless homicide and, above all, that he did not act with any type of premeditation.

The beginning of the legal process has caused many media outlets, programs and newspapers to dedicate large headlines, covers and hours of broadcast to the terrible crime. One of them is Fiesta, the Telecinco space presented by Emma García. Last weekend, the afternoon show launched a ‘definitive’ reconstruction of the crime in which different actors gave life to Sancho and Arrieta.

In the video published by the program you can see how an interpreter (who played Sancho) argues with the Colombian, how he goes to a store to buy different tools that he would later use in the crime…

Far from publishing a ‘soft’ piece, the Mediaset España program in which Marisa Martín Blázquez or Luis Rollán collaborate shows the Sancho actor with a knife, a heated fight between the two, etc.

The images broadcast by Telecinco have not gone unnoticed by the general public and hundreds of viewers have complained about the piece and have criticized that the program has exceeded all limits.

”You don’t know what shame is”, ”The lack of ethics that you demonstrate, the lack of professionalism and a total lack of respect demonstrates the type of people you are”, ”I hope Edwin’s family gives you a “What a lack of respect you have for Edwin’s family,” “What you have done is disgusting,” “Is this necessary?” to the victim” or ”To make a show and perform a crime in such a shabby way… it’s embarrassing” are some of the comments about it that can be read on X (formerly Twitter).