Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Daughter Vivienne, 15, Listed as ‘Vivienne Jolie’ in ‘The Outsiders’ Playbill

In a surprising turn of events, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, Vivienne, has been listed as “Vivienne Jolie” in the Playbill for the new musical The Outsiders. This change has sparked speculation about whether Vivienne has legally dropped the “Pitt” from her last name, a move that has caught the attention of fans and media alike.

Representatives for Jolie and Pitt have not provided any comments on this development, leaving the public curious about the reasoning behind this decision. Vivienne is not the first of the couple’s children to make a similar change, as their eldest daughter Zahara recently introduced herself as “Zahara Marley Jolie” at her university sorority event.

This news comes amidst reports of strain in Pitt’s relationship with his children following his divorce from Jolie in 2016. Despite the challenges they have faced, sources close to Pitt have revealed his efforts to improve his relationship with his kids, expressing his hopes for a better future.

The ongoing custody battle between Jolie and Pitt has also brought to light allegations and claims from both sides, adding another layer of complexity to their already tumultuous relationship. Despite the challenges, Jolie and Pitt continue to navigate co-parenting while focusing on the well-being of their children.

Vivienne’s involvement in The Outsiders as a producer assistant showcases her passion for the arts and her dedication to supporting her mother in this new venture. Jolie, who is thrilled to be working on her first theatrical producing project, credits Vivienne for inspiring her to take on this exciting opportunity.

As the public awaits further clarification on Vivienne’s name change and the dynamics within the Jolie-Pitt family, one thing remains clear – the power of family and the importance of supporting one another through life’s challenges.