María Patiño has unleashed a torrent of speculation when speaking about the possible return of Ana Rosa Quintana to the mornings from her program ‘Ni que fuerámos shhh’ on the Quickie Channel on YouTube and Twitch. “This weekend the news broke that Ana Rosa had made the decision to abandon the afternoons with the intention of working in the mornings,” commented Patiño, referring to various publications that suggest that the veteran presenter would be considering resuming her old morning schedule. .

However, Unicorn Content, Ana Rosa Quintana’s production company, has flatly denied these rumors. According to ‘El Televisero’ sources, the producer declared that the information is “absolutely false” and assured that Ana Rosa has not requested Mediaset to change its time slot for the next television season.

Kiko Matamoros, a well-known television collaborator, also commented on the topic, pointing out that “rumor is always the prelude to news.” Matamoros highlighted concern over low viewership data as a possible reason behind these rumors. He added that the morning audience, during Ana Rosa’s time, was considerably higher than today.

María Patiño suggested that Ana Rosa could be considering replacing Ana Terradillos in ‘The critical look’. This possibility raises questions about the future of Terradillos: would she return to radio or would she move to the afternoon slot? Lydia Lozano thought that Ana Rosa, passionate about politics and with great ability to manage social gatherings, might prefer a shorter and more manageable morning format.

Belén Esteban recalled that Ana Rosa enjoyed her morning work despite having to get up early, suggesting that the comfort of her old schedule could be a deciding factor. “If Ana Rosa wants to go in the morning, she will get it,” said Esteban, highlighting the influence of the presenter on her programmatic decisions.

Finally, Patiño launched one last rumor that has been circulating: “Joaquín Prat goes to the afternoons and Ana Rosa returns to the mornings.” Lydia Lozano confirmed this speculation, stating that Joaquín is a versatile presenter who could bring a fresh air to the afternoons.

While the producer denies the rumors and television collaborators debate the possible relocation, the future of Ana Rosa Quintana continues to be a hot topic in the corridors of Mediaset.