Ángel Cristo, one of the most controversial contestants of ‘Survivors’, is in a critical situation due to a serious event that occurred after the last gala of ‘Conexión Honduras’. According to Joaquín Prat, host of ‘Let’s see’, the program’s management is evaluating taking drastic measures for an episode considered “absolutely inadmissible” and that has “jumped all possible limits”, especially the “physical limits.”

Prat revealed that the incident occurred after the Sunday broadcast of the reality show, during a confrontation between Ángel Cristo and Aurah Ruiz. This conflict, which began on the famous “bridge of discord,” subsequently intensified, generating an event not yet specified but serious enough for the program’s management to consider the possibility of expelling Christ and, perhaps, also Aurah.

“Ángel Cristo has jumped all the limits, we will see how and the consequences tomorrow in ‘No Man’s Land’,” announced Joaquín Prat, underlining the seriousness of the incident. The news surprised the program’s collaborators, causing a tense silence on the set, while Prat insisted that the consequences would be “very serious.”

The management of ‘Survivors’ has not yet detailed the measures that will be taken, but has made it clear that Ángel Cristo’s actions violated the physical rules established by the program. This type of behavior, which goes against the rules of coexistence and safety of the reality show, could lead to immediate expulsion, according to sources close to the production.

The incident has generated great expectation among the program’s followers, who are looking forward to the details that will be revealed in the next broadcast of ‘No Man’s Land’. Meanwhile, Ángel Cristo’s participation in ‘Survivors’ hangs by a thread, awaiting the organization’s final decision.