Ana Illas has physically disappeared from television, as she has decided not to go to any set, but she is still present to give more details about her relationship with Finito de Córdoba, a topic that deeply irritates Arantxa del Sol, now banned from Telecinco for having slapped Ángel Cristo Jr. in Survivors.

The wife of Bárbara Rey’s son wanted to enter TardeAR to clarify how her relationship with the bullfighter began, whom she affectionately calls Juan: “I met Finito when I was 17 years old. He sees me, I was a beautiful girl and of course the bullfighter came here with the banderilleros and when he realized that I was a virgin he was scared.

Illas explained that his first meetings with the bullfighter took place in the pool of a hotel, where they spent a week together eating and enjoying themselves. Although there was a flirtation, she stressed that there was never a romantic relationship: “He didn’t respond to me or anything and that was it. I’m never going to sell to Juan in my life. I don’t change my peace.”

On the other hand, the relationship between the Venezuelan and Arantxa del Sol has been particularly conflictive. Illas expressed his frustration with the hostile attitude of Finito’s wife, especially after meeting her at the Survivors gala. “This is not worth it to me one bit. “I am overwhelmed and on a roller coaster,” commented Illas, who has decided to distance herself from the programs to protect her mental health.

The defender of Cristo Jr. said a few weeks ago that the presenter had addressed her aggressively, something she had previously done on Survivors and which became known later. Faced with this attitude, Illas issued an important warning: “If next time Arantxa yells at me, I will eat her alive.”