There are characters who seem to have the name of their actor or actress engraved on every page of their script. Sometimes these roles resonate so deeply with the public that it becomes impossible to imagine another person in that role. 

A clear example of this is Isabel Ordaz, best known for her charismatic character of La Hierbas in the legendary series HERE NO ONE WHO VIVES. But what if Ordaz didn’t have to pretend much to embody that peculiar character addicted to relaxing infusions?

Ordaz was in Ilustres Ignorantes and got into a topic that has nothing to do with acting, but that also shows his peculiar way of being. When asked about self-checkout services, his response was singular: “No, I don’t like them. Well, yes, because since I don’t like people, I go to the self-checkout. Well, on even days I like people.”

Despite her ambivalence, she was clear when explaining the reason why she sometimes doesn’t like human contact when she is shopping: “Well, yes, because the other boxes are full of people trying to tell you about their lives.” In a casual tone, she added that what she wants is to pay and not talk to anyone, “Please, charge me for the York ham. “Stop me with this nonsense.”

Users have applauded the spontaneity of the actress and have recognized that the flesh-and-blood person has a lot in common with the character she gave life to for so many years. “Every time I see a video of this woman it is clear to me that she was not acting, she was just herself,” one said. Another has assured that she “was simply born” to be La Hierbas.