In an exclusive presented on the ‘TardeAR’ program this Friday, new details have been revealed about Isabel Preysler’s majestic mansion, built in 1989 in the heart of Madrid’s golden block.

The property, acquired by the couple made up of Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer for 400,000 million pesetas (almost 2,500,000 euros), has an area of ​​2,000 square meters distributed over two floors, a basement and an attic, as well as a garage with capacity for four cars and a repair shop.

The classical-style mansion houses a total of 12 bedrooms and an astonishing 16 bathrooms, which has earned it the curious nickname ‘Meona’. Among the amenities, a gym, a mini-disco and a winter pool stand out, as well as an extensive garden that has been the scene of multiple professional projects of the Preysler family.

The construction of this residence was not without controversy. There was speculation about the origin of the funds that financed the mansion, although Isabel Preysler had a million-dollar contract with the magazine ‘Hola!’. Furthermore, the political dispute between Alfonso Guerra and Miguel Boyer added an additional nuance, since the land was acquired by Boyer at a time of political tension.

Entry into the mansion in 1992 generated quite a media stir, with the media detailing every aspect of the lavish property, including extravagances like heated doghouses. This display of wealth unleashed criticism, and Miguel Boyer was even asked to resign from the PSOE, arguing that his lifestyle was not consistent with socialist principles.

The house was also the subject of public attacks, such as the one orchestrated by Ruiz Mateos, who carried out a plan to urinate on the facade and leveled corruption accusations against the couple. Despite these controversies, Isabel Preysler’s mansion remains a symbol of status and elegance in Spanish high society.