Only 58 hotels worldwide have the Grand Hyatt brand. And the most recent addition to this super exclusive group of establishments is the one that has transformed the iconic Princesa Sofía (recently known simply as Sofía) into Barcelona’s first Grand Hyatt. The hotel that revolutionized the industry when it opened in 1975 with 500 luxury rooms in the upper part of Diagonal Avenue can now proudly reclaim its spot at the top of the ranking of the best in the city. And in the world.

There are only five Grand Hyatt hotels in Europe, with two in Spain (the other being La Manga Club), but none of them features the impressive architecture and bold design found at the Barcelona location. Nor do they offer the immersive experiences in the heart of local culture that both locals and visitors in Barcelona can enjoy, nor the dining options available.

Triumph is already achieved with the Peruvian Maymanta by Omar Malpartida on the 19th floor (just a few meters from the Camp Nou, with unbeatable views of the entire city in 360 degrees: from Pedralbes to Montjuïc, you can even see the sea from this vantage point!) and the opening of Leña by Dani García is almost immediate (yes, the chef who in 2018 renounced his three Michelin stars at his restaurant in Marbella).

Among the 465 meticulously cared for rooms offered by this Grand Hyatt with character (the philosophy of the American hotel chain is to bring out the best in everyone during their stay, so it’s not surprising to find elite athletes here throughout the year), stand out its 49 suites, but above all its 300 square meter penthouse!

Decorated in the most exquisite art deco style with a touch of the sixties, like the brilliant Pipistrello lamps designed by industrial designer and architect Gae Aulenti in 1965 for Martinelli Luce, which are scattered throughout the room. Those who have been there in that impeccable penthouse (and others) claim that it is the best in the city.

Probably from Europe and beyond. It boasts its own kitchen and even a bar ready for expert mixologists to shine, with two endless rooms and even a room for the escort. It could be, but there is more, the cherry on top that crowns this exceptional hotel.

But right on the other end, on the minus two floor, its spa by Natura Bisse shines (like all the hotel’s amenities) which couldn’t be more complete (an amazing massage menu, also for elite athletes, as well as a refrigerium and caldarium in the water area) and a huge yet elegant and discreet meeting space like the rest.

There are 22 rooms totaling 3,400 square meters, and an immense room of 864 square meters designed to host large events. Some (many players who inevitably visit the hotel during the Conde de Godó Trophy but also at other times of the year for training or specific treatments) have suggested setting up a tennis court.

And if all that weren’t enough, this hotel, which has already appeared in many Netflix series, movies, and documentaries despite its recent entry into the Grand Hyatt brand (following a complete refurbishment in 2017 costing millions of euros, being acquired in 2023 by Blasson Property Investments and the insurance group Axa for 180 million, with a further investment of 20 million), has one last unexpected secret. Its very own cabaret! Yes, a magnificent cabaret dressed in red velvet that can be rented in its entirety. In short, this Grand Hyatt Barcelona, which of course boasts a pool, solariums, and a gym equipped with the best Technogym machines, is much more than just a Grand Hyatt.