2024 has become a year full of weddings. At the beginning of April, we witnessed one of the most high-profile events in recent times: the wedding of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and Teresa Urquijo.

Important personalities from the world of politics in our country attended this wedding, as well as members of royalty and other important figures from the territory, including José María Aznar and Ana Botella, Esperanza Aguirre, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Victoria Federica and Froilán de Marichalar, the king emeritus, etc.

This morning, the magazine dedicated to the gossip press and social chronicle HELLO! has revealed that the youngest son of the Aznar-Botella couple will pass through the altar next December alongside the woman with whom he has been sharing three years of his life.

Alonso Aznar is very happy to have found Renata Collado, a Mexican photojournalist who stole his heart from minute one. Although the couple is characterized by having one of the most discreet relationships of the Spanish jet set, Okdiario journalist Eduardo Verbo has revealed that both will pass through the altar next December.

According to the publication of the aforementioned pink media, the ‘lovebirds’ will say ‘I do’ in Mérida, capital of the state of Yucatán, Mexico. This decision seems to indicate that both wanted to respect tradition and get married in the bride’s place of origin.

It should be noted that the couple of the moment appeared publicly in June 2021, right at the wedding of Pedro Bravo and Carlota Pérez-Plá. As a result of this act, both have been happy and complicit in other events such as charity dinners, the wedding of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, etc. Although they are not big fans of showing their love on the Internet, Collado has sometimes published romantic photos on his profile.

Alonso, the youngest of the three children of the former president of our country, is also the last to marry. His sister Ana took the lead by saying yes in 2002 with Alejandro Agrag. In 2011, José María Aznar Jr. strengthened his relationship with Mónica Abascal.

Alfonso Aznar is, in general, a very busy man because he works at the head of an investment company. For his part, Collado works as a photojournalist and environmental activist. In preparation for the wedding, both will stop their work and professional commitments and focus on enjoying the process.