The new portrait of Kate Middleton that Tatler magazine has chosen to illustrate its July cover is generating all kinds of reactions. The work, signed by the British artist of Zambian origin Hannah Zeo, has sparked a real debate on social networks since its presentation last Wednesday.

In the work the Princess of Wales appears dressed to the nines, with an outfit inspired by one she wore at a dinner in 2022. So far, so good, except that according to many, the resemblance between the woman in the portrait and the princess leaves a lot to be desired. want. This is how Alfonso Arús and his collaborators have seen it, who have not been able to stop commenting on the controversial painting.

“If this portrait tries to capture courage and strength, we are good to go,” says Arús. “How horrible, if what it’s about is expressing courage and strength, let’s deal with it, it seems cross-eyed. If you take away the tiara you won’t know who it is.”

The collaborators agreed, between looking “Asian”, according to Angie Cárdenas and the lack of detail, it is even worse than that of Carlos III. “The king’s is more modern,” added the collaborator.

Not only Aruser@s collaborators, because since the publication has shared this new cover, the comments have not stopped happening. The portrait has sparked countless opinions among social media users, who have not hesitated to share their opinion about this creation. For many, this work “does not represent” the Princess of Wales in the slightest, and could even be confused with someone Asian. “At first glance I thought she was the Japanese Empress Masako,” says one user.

It must be said that Hannah Uzor did not have Kate Middleton in person to pose for the portrait, but rather the artist took her references from different photographs and videos. “When you can’t meet the model in person, you have to look at everything you can find and reconstruct the subtle human moments revealed in different photographs,” she explained, in a video shared by Tatler.

“It’s been really interesting for me to get a sense of who she is,” he added, insisting that the portrait is intended to represent the princess as an example of “strength, dignity and courage.”

Even so, the new portrait of the Princess of Wales has served one purpose: forgetting that of Charles III, which also sparked a heated debate on social networks. In the work, signed by the British Jonathan Yeo, the king appears in the center of the painting, two and a half meters high and without a distinguishable background, in which he is only accompanied by a butterfly, which, according to Yeo, It symbolizes both his support for environmental causes and his personal transformation.

“The first official portrait of the king. Are you kidding? “He was he coming out of the fires of hell at that moment?!” comments a user of this social network. “It looks like Diana had painted it,” says another, referring to the late Princess of Wales.

A painting in vivid colors and quite “modern” to be a real portrait, which received comparisons with such disturbing characters as Carrie or Dorian Gray. We’ll have to see who’s next on the list.