First Dates, Cuatro’s dating show hosted by Carlos Sobera, brings together every night all kinds of people who are desperately looking for love. Many of these singles admit before the television cameras that they have not had luck when it comes to relationships, which is why they go to the Mediaset space.

One of the men who went to the most famous restaurant on the small screen to try his luck was Antonio, a 53-year-old man from Malaga who had played soccer for a long time and declared himself a Real Madrid fan. He also spoke of his fondness for supernatural themes: ”I have a paranormal research group to try to capture psychophonies in places where misfortunes have occurred.”

After talking about these tastes, the man delved deeper into the topic and showed in the confessional some of the tattoos he had gotten in honor of such hobbies: his team’s shield and a skull. In addition, he also showed a tattoo of his mother’s face. 

However, what caught the attention of viewers the most were the tattoos he had on his left arm: a beautiful Iberian lynx on the top and a colorful flag of Spain further down.

Shortly after, after meeting Yoli, his date, Antonio announced his ideals: ”I am right-wing. I am from Vox, I am affiliated with the party. “I’m from behind.” When the woman asked him if he was sexist, he responded bluntly: ”Not at all, it is one thing to have principles and values, which is what I have, and another is to be retrograde. I don’t”.

Both shared thoughts and ideology to a certain point, as well as the fury for Real Madrid. However, Antonio found a defect in the single woman that really put him off: tobacco.

The man from Malaga admitted to his date that he thought she was very pretty and that for him laughing with his partner is the most important thing. At that moment, the man began to imitate different characters, which made Yoli burst into laughter.

In the final decision, Yoli made it clear that she would love to have a second meeting with Antonio because she had had a great time: ”We have a lot to talk about, the date seemed super short.”

On the other hand, Antonio expressed his doubts about the issue of smoking: ”It has put me off, I have had a very bad experience with tobacco and it makes me very afraid.” ”I’m not going to stop smoking to be with someone else,” said the woman from Marbella. ”I’m never going to force anyone to stop smoking, that’s why I haven’t even asked you about it,” the bachelor quickly corrected.