Nearly a year after Noah Presgrove, a 19-year-old military hopeful from Oklahoma, was found dead on the side of a highway, 911 calls have shed light on the disturbing scene that two witnesses encountered the next morning. Presgrove’s body was discovered along a rural stretch of US-81 in Jefferson County, Oklahoma, on Labor Day in 2023. He was last seen alive at a party he attended with friends that night.

A medical examiner’s report determined that Presgrove died from “multiple blunt force injuries.” Two 911 calls were made by motorists reporting what they initially thought was a deer lying on the side of the road, but turned out to be human remains. One caller described seeing a body that appeared to have been hit while walking down the highway, lying on the shoulder. Another witness reported seeing a naked body on the side of the road, blocking the white line, and initially mistaking it for a deer.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation initially labeled Presgrove’s death as “suspicious,” although the official manner of death remains “undetermined.” The medical examiner’s report stated that Presgrove was found naked, wearing only a pair of shoes, with no vehicle parts or debris at the scene. The report concluded that the cause of death, due to multiple blunt force injuries, was unknown. Further investigation revealed that Presgrove had been at a house party, drinking, and then had an ATV accident before he was found on the side of the highway the next morning.

Noah Presgrove’s family continues to seek answers almost a year later, creating a Facebook page titled “Justice for Noah Presgrove.” His sister, Madison Rawlings, expressed a desire for closure and believes that some accident may have occurred, causing those involved to panic. The family does not harbor ill will towards anyone who may have information about Presgrove’s death; they are simply searching for the truth.

The investigation into Presgrove’s death is ongoing under the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s jurisdiction, with no further comments provided at this time. The family hopes to find answers and closure regarding the tragic loss of their loved one, who had aspirations of joining the military. The circumstances surrounding Noah Presgrove’s death remain unknown, leaving his family and community grappling with unanswered questions and seeking justice.