The Miami Police have left Internet users speechless with their new acquisition. It is nothing less than a patrol Rolls-Royce, with which the security force intends to impose order in the American city.

This was shown by the Miami Beach Police (MBPD) in a video published on their X account (formerly Twitter). In it, you can see the new Rolls-Royce with all the distinctive features visible on the body circulating through the sunny city in the state of Florida.

“We are delighted to present this impressive addition to the MBPD recruiting team, courtesy of Braman Motors,” said the Miami Beach Police Department in the tweet, showing the luxury vehicle with all its features.

Costing $250,000, this exclusive vehicle aims to awaken new vocations for service in law enforcement, which is why the Police Department has incorporated it into its fleet of police patrols.

As you can see, this model has the common devices of police cars, such as sirens, lights and even the national flag. It should be noted that this luxury vehicle did not entail any cost, since the Braman Motors dealership gave it away for free.

As expected, Internet users have not hesitated to comment on this new addition to the Police: “This is what they do with all the money I pay in parking fines”, “Zero self-awareness” or “Is this an episode of a series ? This has to be a joke” are some of the most popular reactions.