A young woman has reported the theft of her car through TikTok, a most bizarre story that ended with a happy ending, with the appearance of her Lexus vehicle, abandoned in a small town in the Valencian Community. “I don’t know why they opened it for me and why they took it all apart,” this user asks.

According to what she says in a video, she was spending the afternoon at her boyfriend’s house, as she usually does. When she left, she saw some agents checking a parked and completely open car. It wasn’t hers, so she continued down the street to get to her vehicle.

After searching insistently for him, the young woman could not find his car. She told it to her boyfriend, whom she had on the other end of the phone on a video call. She also told her mother, realizing that she had possibly stolen her car.

Taking advantage of the presence of the agents just a few meters away, he reported the events. And they confirmed his suspicions. She would also have been the victim of an abduction and with the same modus operandi.

According to their version, the thieves opened the car, searched it, dismantled its interior and left it abandoned in another place with the doors and trunk completely open.

He had no choice but to file a complaint. “Nothing has been stolen from me in my life, not even a shoe. And now they are going and taking my car,” she lamented when she went to the National Police office with her mother to report the facts.

Despite the scare, the good news was that the car appeared, although in the least expected way. It was her sister who told them that the vehicle was in a small can in Gandía. As she explained to them, they had that information because the police had found it abandoned and completely open in a less frequented area.

However, inside was his brother-in-law’s ID. And that’s how they found them. After overcoming the scare, they had to repair it inside. The young woman still does not believe that she has recovered her car, especially in that way.

“How helpless it feels. Keep the good part: they have neither burned it nor scrapped it,” comments a user of this social network. “You were lucky,” adds another.