Our work environment increasingly has more tools, more data is analyzed and, in addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools now also come into play, to increase efficiency and productivity. But the “human factor” should not be abandoned, blinded by technology. This is what Emplower is looking for, an intelligent tool to enhance the value of people in organizations, enhance knowledge, promote internal communication and boost the feeling of belonging towards the employer brand of its clients.

It is the tool that Grupo Castilla, a leading company in human resources solutions for private companies and Public Administrations, presents within the framework of the Human Factor Congress in Madrid.

As Carles Castilla, CEO of the company, explains, “Emplower is the result of our commitment to R&D and continuous improvement in HR processes. Thanks to the 360º approach and the incorporation of the new Talent Services business lines, we have improved knowledge management and thus facilitate the development of increasingly functional tools, focused on the user and their needs.”

The company’s strategy, its managers explain, is based on a 360º approach to people management, which involves enhancing knowledge and promoting internal communication, in addition to promoting the feeling of belonging to its clients’ employer brand.

This modular solution, Emplower, is natively integrated with Innia, Grupo Castilla’s payroll engine, announced at the last MWC 2024. Castilla also points out that this year is key for migrations to SaaS throughout the HCM industry, Therefore, “Emplower can be the trigger that clients needed to accelerate their decision to make the leap to the cloud.”

For his part, Marcos Torres, Commercial and Marketing Director of the group, points out that “Emplower responds to a double challenge: satisfying the historical demand of installed base clients, who required a look

Emplower will be available on the market exclusively in SaaS mode, both for the new medium-high segment client and for renewals in the installed base. In this sense, the company plans to gradually implement it in its more than 3,000 HCM (Human Capital Management) technology clients, over the next five years.

With this launch, the company takes another step in the complete renewal of its solutions portfolio to position itself as one of the main HCM Cloud Providers. It hopes to achieve a qualitative leap in its results and reach, this year, a turnover of €32M.

Founded in 1979, Grupo Castilla is one of the leading Spanish companies in knowledge services and software for people management and has evolved to become an HR partner for its clients. Its current Strategic Plan plans to reach €45M in turnover in 2026, with a human team of 500 people and to become an HCM Cloud Provider for 100% of its technological clients.