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In this landscape around the town of Altet, in the Urgell region, a specimen of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) appears, which is not hiding, but are you able to find it?

This is the new visual challenge that I propose to you today in The Readers’ Challenge of La Vanguardia. The dynamics of the game are clear, you just have to locate the cabirol in this photograph that I show you below.

Have you already been able to locate the roe deer? Not yet? I will explain some things to you about this animal. This species of the Cervidae family is the smallest in Eurasia and its distribution area extends from western Europe to northern China.

With a height of about seventy-five centimeters at most and a weight of between twenty and thirty kilograms, its diet consists of the consumption of leaves from shrubs and low trees, as well as berries and young shoots.

It is an animal with a very high capacity for adaptation, which is why it can live both in closed forests and in wide meadows. As a clue, I’m going to show it to you in this video to help you locate it in the photograph.

Has the video helped you? Have you already been able to find the roe deer in the photograph? Well, I’m sorry, but the time has come to show you the solution to this Visual Challenge.