There are 32 associations, the vast majority of which are the most representative of the city of Alicante, which have signed a document that expresses their “deep concern” about the way in which the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city have been degraded in recent years. city. In the document, they demand that the City Council allow them to participate in the distribution of the social housing that is announced and that the neighbors urgently need.

In the letter, addressed to Mayor Luis Barcala (PP), the group asks to know how the funds allocated by the central government “for the construction of housing for social rent and urban rehabilitation” will be distributed in Alicante. Specifically, the representatives Residents ask “how many of the 2,363 homes promised (for the Valencian Community) will be built in Alicante and under what criteria the neighborhoods will be selected for their location.”

Neighbors want to know “how improvements will be carried out in degraded neighborhoods, the expected deadlines for these interventions and the criteria that will be used to determine priority areas. In addition, we would like to know what rehabilitation projects are planned and how they will be prioritized within the development plan”

The document asks the mayor to define “what role our associations will play in the planning and execution process of these projects. We firmly believe in the importance of co-governance and active community participation to ensure that the development of our urban environment reflects the needs and desires of citizens,” the signatories say.

At the beginning of May, Mayor Barcala announced the transfer of eight plots of municipal land to promote public housing under an affordable rental and ownership regime, “through public-private collaboration”, within the Plan Vive announced by the Generalitat , which foresees the construction of 10,000 homes throughout the Valencian Community.

Neighbors also ask if the construction of energy-efficient social rental housing is contemplated, as the central government announced by committing 108 million euros to the Valencian Community for the construction of 2,363 social rental housing.