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It is worth walking through L’Escala, in Alt EmpordĂ , one day of every day: few people and a calm sea on a pre-summer day with few clouds. A fantastic place to disconnect, during the week, when there are no crowds of visitors.

In this series of photographs in Las Fotos de los Lectores de La Vanguardia we can see Platja del Screwol and the promenade that leads to Platja de Riells, as well as Platja Gran, in the center of the town and with bathers who don’t want to wait in the summer to enjoy the Mediterranean.

L’Escala is one of the most popular destinations in summer, as it has a large number of coves and beaches. In spring it begins to fill up with visitors, especially on the weekend, at a time when it is also an invitation to enjoy the promenade and the coastal path.

The name L’Escala comes from Roman times, Scala, which means dock or place where ships dock. Spring is a good season to stroll through the old town if it is not raining and the sun is with us.

Narrow streets abound, most of which lead to the beach. During the tour you can see the AlfolĂ­ de la Sal building, the Plaza Major, where the church is, and the old salt cemetery.