The spring mushroom season is very weak due to the low temperatures recorded in the Pyrenees. This has been confirmed by the members of the mycological society of the Ilerdenses Studies Institute (IEI), who once again organized the spring mushroom exhibition in the patio of the institute’s headquarters.

Casimiro Duaigües, a member of the section, explained that despite the rains, not many mushrooms grow and that of those that are edible, the most predominant are the moixernó and the snow mushroom.

The others “have not finished bearing fruit,” he lamented, especially the little races that are among the most characteristic of these months.

The rains this spring have been very beneficial and if the temperature had been milder, the mushroom season would have been very abundant. On the contrary, the thermometer plummets at night, this prevents the mushrooms that should come out from ending up getting big.

The display of spring mushrooms could be seen on Monday and Tuesday. It does not last more days because the mushrooms cannot last so many hours exposed without conservation.

The exhibition arouses the curiosity of many pedestrians who walk through the Eix Comercial de Lleida and who come to see what varieties of mushrooms can be found this spring in the forest.

Casimiro Duaigües warns that you have to be careful when collecting them and, above all, consuming them. “Many people believe they are immune and then what happens happens,” he says. According to Duaigües, all mushrooms are somewhat indigestible and that is why you should be careful with the amount consumed and the cooking point.

Of the 70 species on display, only about 10 are edible. As is tradition, another sample will be made in the fall but with the mushrooms of this season of the year.