The National Police have arrested a 56-year-old man in the Valencian town of Gandia (La Safor) as the alleged perpetrator of the death of another man, both homeless, after hitting him with a blunt object during the course of a fight between the two. .

The events occurred on Monday night and the Homicide Group of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of Valencia has taken charge of the investigation, as reported by the National Police. The two men apparently lived in poverty; the detainee originally from Latvia and the deceased, 50 years old, from Ukraine.

As local police sources have informed EFE, it was the security guards at the Gandia university campus who alerted the police that an injured man had asked them for help and claimed that there was a dead person in a nearby field.

Several Local Police and National Police patrols went to the scene, inspecting the surroundings and found the man’s lifeless body. The alleged murderer had several injuries, allegedly caused during the fight, and he was transferred to the Gandia hospital, where he received medical attention. The detainee is waiting to be brought to justice.