Three arrested in Seville for stealing a prescription book from a hospital in the city of Seville, with which they obtained in different pharmacies in the province the necessary material to make a drug called ‘Karkubi’, a substance that can cause coma. in their consumers.

The National Police, which began the investigation once it learned that up to 52 false prescriptions had been used for this purpose, all from the same stolen checkbook and with the seal of a doctor, identified eight people involved in the events, three of them have They have been arrested and accused of the possible commission of a crime of document falsification and another against public health.

After the investigative efforts carried out by the agents specialized in this type of crimes, it was learned that these recipes were being used for the purpose of acquiring medications for the preparation of the so-called drug ‘Karkubi’, a substance with important psychotropic effects among consumers and In case of severe poisoning it can cause a coma in the consumer.

Finally, after an arduous investigation by the investigating agents, it was possible to identify eight people related to the events described and establish a location and arrest device. Those arrested were placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.