The fire department of the Generalitat de Catalunya is trying to extinguish a forest fire declared in the Barcelona region of Baix Penedès, outside the urban core, which has already been declared stable.

Around 5:00 p.m. this Thursday, 112 received an alert notice of the sighting of a column of smoke in a wooded area known as Cal Grasset in the municipality of Montmell. Immediately, Firefighters have activated the emergency teams to participate in the firefighting tasks.

Specifically, up to 14 ground media and three of the five activated air crews are working, as reported by Bombers to La Vanguardia.

It should be noted that, according to the firefighting services, the fire is advancing on the slope and the priority is to attack the right flank and thus prevent it from reaching a ravine, which could be natural fuel to fuel the fire.

In addition, the same body reports that the affected area is difficult to access, due to the orography and the forest mass, and they have displaced the land resources along a nearby forest track. Due to this situation, up to five air resources have been activated.

At the moment, Firefighters cannot determine the hectares burned.