A judge has sent the trapper Morad to trial, accused of slandering a Mosso d’Esquadra, who is asking that he be sentenced to two years in prison for recording him when he was fined for having the car parked incorrectly and posting the images on his social networks in a video in which he called him a “child molester”.

In a letter, to which EFE has had access, the head of the investigating court number 4 of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) agrees to open an oral trial against Morad, an exponent of the new generation of Spanish urban music, for a crime of slander against a public official and, secondarily, for a crime of insulting members of the State security forces and bodies.

As a precautionary measure, the judge requires Morad to provide a bond of 12,000 euros, to face possible civil liabilities, with the warning that if he does not do so, his assets will be seized until this amount is covered.

The mossos agent, represented by the lawyer Sandra Melgar, from the Aranda law firm, Melgar

Likewise, he requests compensation with a total of 10,950 euros, for the damages and losses that he caused, the consequences suffered and for the moral damage.

Along the same lines, the Prosecutor’s Office, in a letter to which EFE has had access, requests for Morad a sentence of one year and nine months in prison for the same crime of slander and that the mosso be compensated with 7,950 euros.

The events occurred on April 27, 2022, around 7:00 p.m., when a patrol of Mossos agents went to Morad in the Florida neighborhood of L’Hospitalet to fine him because his car was parked in the wrong way.

According to the agent’s indictment, the defendant disrespected his patrol partner – to whom he said: “how beautiful you are, cunt” – and refused to identify himself, showing a “challenging” attitude towards both police officers.

Subsequently, both agents informed Morad that they would proceed to penalize him administratively, for parking in a place not suitable for it, and for disrespecting the agent, at which time the ragpicker addressed the mosso, saying “child molester “He approached him and proceeded to record his intervention without his consent or authorization.

As detailed by the Prosecutor’s Office in its indictment, Morad then recorded the police intervention with his mobile phone “at a short distance” from the agent’s face, making his identification and recognition “perfectly visible.”

Minutes later, Morad, “moved by the purpose of achieving the widest possible dissemination of the image and appearance” of the mosso, who had acted according to the Prosecutor’s Office “in the legitimate exercise of his duties” and who was “properly uniformed”, hung up the video on his Instagram account, where he currently had 1.9 million followers, with the aim of “vilifying” him and for the agent to be subjected “at least to insults and ridicule” both on social networks and on Your private life.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Morad acted in this way to undermine the “reputation and dignity” of the police officer.

In the video – which was posted on Instagram for 24 hours – the face of the agent appeared arguing with Morad, who, in a “humiliating” way and “attributing false criminal conduct” to the police officer, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, added phrases in the publication such as “This police officer is dedicated to hitting minors and abusing the people in the neighborhood…stop abusing small children…tell him to stop hitting children, to stop abusing them.”

Morad also published two photographs where the agent appeared from the waist up and in which his perfectly identifiable face could be seen, with the following text: “Bully!! Stop hitting minors in the neighborhood, let people live corrupt thief and abusennn”, as well as “Minor abuser, abuser!!!”.

Due to these events, the agent suffered an anxious-depressive condition with phobias for which he had to take temporary leave from work and was unable to carry out his usual tasks for 30 days.

In March of last year, Morad was acquitted for lack of evidence in a trial in which the Prosecutor’s Office asked him for two and a half years in jail accused of trying to break into a home and threatening to kill a neighbor who surprised him, in February 2018.

During the phase of restrictions due to the coronavirus, Morad was also arrested, in July 2021, for skipping the curfew, along with some friends, and allegedly assaulting the agents who reproached them for their attitude.