This past Thursday, the Mossos d’Esquadra arrested a man during the protests carried out by a hundred residents against the celebration of the Louis Vuitton fashion brand parade in Park Güell in Barcelona.

As reported this Friday by the Mossos, during these confrontations this person was arrested for an alleged crime of attacking authority and seven agents were injured to varying degrees, although none seriously.

The activists began their protest around seven in the afternoon on Rambla Mercedes, when the guests began to arrive at the event venue, going so far as to block the way for taxis and other accredited vehicles heading to the venue and forcing the Mossos to redirect traffic through adjacent streets.

Consequently, the protest participants cut off traffic on the Travessera de Dalt, where there were moments of great tension with the Mossos mobile brigade, which had to use force to stop them.

During the protest, slogans such as ‘The neighborhoods are not a catwalk for your parade’, ‘Collboni Guilty’ or ‘Louis Vuitton tortures animals’ could be read – the animal activists had joined the neighborhood anger. By blowing pots and whistles, they have shown their position in relation to the event held within the framework of the Copa América de Vela.

Some representatives of the municipal group BComú, such as spokesperson Janet Sanz, have also joined the protests. In fact, the En Comú municipal group itself has asked the government of Mayor Jaume Collboni and the municipal company BSM, which manages Park Güell, for all the information about this ‘Crucero 2025’ fashion show by the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. sponsor of the Copa del América.

In a statement, the commons have explained that they have sent a letter to the president of the municipal company, the Deputy Mayor Laia Bonet, and the general director of BSM, Marta Labata, in which they ask that they provide them with the “contractual, of sponsorship, economic or any other type that is related to this event”, with the “maximum speed”.

Also the former mayor and president of the commons group, Ada Colau, addressed a letter a few days ago to Mayor Jaume Collboni in which she regretted the privatization of public space with this act and asked him to rectify it.

On the other hand, and in a completely opposite sense, economic sectors of the city have pointed out that this Louis Vuitton catwalk helps Barcelona to “recover the reference position and be at the forefront that some have insisted on making us believe that we had lost.” .

They remember that the French firm has two stores in Barcelona and that 1,800 people work in its leather goods workshops, while emphasizing that luxury, along with conventions, international congresses, fairs or the cultural world, are sectors that position the city count in the world with a quality offer.