Good morning, connectors! Welcome to today’s Connections forum where you can give and receive puzzle support. Today’s Connections Companion is here to guide you through the various categories and provide hints to help you solve the puzzles.

Remember, this article may contain spoilers, so make sure to solve the puzzles first before scrolling down. Connections is released at midnight in your time zone, with two companions available every day based on Eastern Standard Time.

If you find yourself on the wrong companion, check the number of your puzzle and head to the corresponding companion page. Feel free to post your solve grid in the comments to compare your score with others and the editor’s rating.

The difficulty of each puzzle is rated by a panel of testers who solve the puzzles in advance. Today’s difficulty is 3.5 out of 5, so get ready for a challenge.

If you need a hint, each category has a different difficulty level ranging from yellow (simplest) to purple (most difficult). Click or tap on each level to reveal a word in that category.

Join us here to solve Crosswords, The Mini, and other games by The New York Times. Happy connecting and puzzle solving!