The Netherlands celebrates one of its big days this Saturday. As tradition dictates, on April 27, the birthday of William of the Netherlands, King’s Day is celebrated in his honor. The monarch was born in The Hague that same day in 1967, making him 57 years old, and he celebrated with his entire country with a great street party, to which he attended with a smile along with Máxima of the Netherlands and her three daughters, princesses Amelia, Alexia and Ariane. The family could not have been happier.

Like every year, this celebration has changed location in 2024. The Dutch have dressed in orange and taken to the streets and canals to commemorate the monarch. As tradition dictates, at eleven o’clock the sovereign, Queen Máxima and her daughters came out to the door of their house to greet the media and posed in front of the cameras with a bouquet of flowers in their hands. hands. In addition, they witnessed live how the artist Bouke from Emmen sang Happy Birthday to the king.

This year, the place chosen to celebrate this great day has been Emmen, Drenthe. For this day, Máxima from the Netherlands has chosen an elegant outfit, consisting of an olive green silk midi dress from Natan, which she has combined with beige accessories and a bag from the Argentine brand Santesteban. Once again, she has shown off her elegance to the entire country.

As expected, the three daughters of the kings have become the protagonists of the day. In the case of Amalia, she has also opted for a printed dress in green tones with a V-neckline from the French brand Ba

One of the traditions of this day is that the monarchs distribute ‘Tompouces’, the typical birthday cakes in the Netherlands. The sweet is filled with abundant pastry cream and is made of puff pastry. In addition, it is adorned with a pink or orange cape. Máximo and Guillermo have been delivering these sweets to the population gathered there.

Both the kings and their daughters have been very attentive to the citizens. During the day, they have carried out various activities, such as painting on a mural, competing in an interactive game about the region and visiting a gallery of living statues that show the history of Emmen, among many others. Without a doubt, a day to remember for the entire family and for the king, who could not have had a more special day.