Priority areas have been selected with the districts to act ex officio, and the criteria that have been taken into account are the level of dirt, the uniqueness of the space and the volume of influx of people.

A total of 27 teams work in priority areas, nine exclusively in the Ciutat Vella district. In these areas, the cleaning carried out is global, not only of facades, but also of streetlights, railings, service closets or bicycle racks, among others.

The review of these areas is done every four months.

More than 500 hours a day cleaning graffiti

The cleaning teams dedicate a total of 500 hours each day to cleaning graffiti and removing posters and stickers from facades, street furniture or fountains.

From Monday to Friday there are 36 operational teams, 32 for non-listed buildings and other urban elements, and four for listed buildings. On Saturdays, 32 units work, and on Sundays and holidays, five.

How is the proccess?

The actions, except those in priority areas, previously planned, are activated based on notices from citizens, the Urban Guard or municipal facilities.

First, the space is checked, photographed and classified. In the case of listed buildings, more time is necessary to study and define the best cleaning action, according to each case. Once the type of action required is determined, it is planned and sent to the corresponding cleaning team.