Aigües de Mataró has installed a new solid waste retention system in one of the spillways that discharge into the Argentona stream (Maresme). The new system is made up of 14 meshes that, during rain events, trap a good part of the solid waste carried by the water and prevent it from ending up on the river bed or in the sea. The meshes have a retention capacity of 4.2 tons of waste and are changed once they are full, ensuring correct management of the garbage that is trapped.

The system has been installed by the company TecnoGrabber and has had an approximate cost of 24,240 euros, which includes the installation of meshes and the adaptation of the space.

Mainly, the waste that appears in the photographs and that the meshes capture is, 90%, wipes that are flushed down the toilet. There are also numerous plastic bottles, tobacco butts, cans and plastic bags, among other waste.

This system joins others that have been installed in recent years in different parts of the city. On the one hand, on the Ramon Berenguer promenade and in the Sorrall area there are bars that reduce waste. These iron bars capture the waste that people throw into the street, in sewers or out of bins and containers and that, in rainy episodes, would end up scattered in streams and green areas.

Retention combs are installed in the beach and port area, another system that also retains waste and plastics that, through the city’s spillways, would end up in the sea.