Xbox’s Fable Reboot Release Date Revealed

After much anticipation, Xbox has finally unveiled the release window for the highly anticipated Fable reboot. Scheduled to launch in 2025, the game will be accessible on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with availability on Xbox Game Pass from day one. During the recent Xbox Games Showcase, a new trailer for Fable was dropped, offering a glimpse into the game’s world.

Developed by Playground Games, the new Fable is described as a fresh start for the beloved series. The storyline follows a former hero named Humphry, who is drawn back into action when a mysterious foe threatens the land of Albion. The latest trailer showcases some in-game footage, maintaining the quirky and whimsical tone that fans have come to expect.

While fans will have to wait a bit longer for the game’s official release, the announcement of the 2025 launch window has provided eager gamers with a concrete timeline to look forward to. Stay tuned for more updates on Summer Game Fest 2024!

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