Microsoft Announces Age of Mythology Retold Release Date at Xbox Games Showcase

Microsoft has revealed that Age of Mythology Retold is set to be released on September 4, 2024, for Xbox Series X and S as well as PC. This exciting news was shared during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, accompanied by a new trailer that has fans buzzing.

Age of Mythology Retold, developed by the same team behind the popular Age of Empires series, transports players to a mythical age where gods, monsters, and humans clash. Microsoft promises a blend of classic Age of Mythology gameplay with modern real-time strategy mechanics and stunning visuals.

Players will have the opportunity to select their gods from the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Atlantean pantheons, enabling them to unleash powerful abilities such as lightning storms, earthquakes, and the fearsome Nidhogg dragon. Additionally, protective Dryads can be summoned to aid in the growth and prosperity of your people.

The game features a diverse array of units including Centaurs, Trolls, Mummies, and even one-eyed Cyclops. Players will embark on multiple campaigns encompassing 50 missions, from besieging the walls of Troy to facing off against Giants in Midgard and uncovering the mysteries of Osiris in Egypt.

As a title under Xbox Game Studios, Age of Mythology Retold will be available on Game Pass from day one. Fans can expect more exciting updates and announcements from the Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

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