Warning Issued to AI Pin Owners Regarding Charging Case Safety

Humane has issued a warning to AI Pin owners, advising them to immediately cease using the charging case that accompanies the AI gadget. The company has identified issues with a third-party battery cell that could potentially pose a fire safety hazard. The notification was sent out via email to customers, including those who had previously reviewed the product.

Humane has taken action by disqualifying the vendor responsible for the faulty battery cell and is actively seeking a new supplier. It has clarified that the AI Pin itself, as well as the magnetic Battery Booster and charging pad, are not affected by the issue. As a gesture of goodwill, the company is offering two free months of its subscription service, which is essential for many of the device’s functions.

While it is unclear whether Humane will provide a replacement charging case, the company has stated that further information will be shared once the investigation is complete. Despite the safety concerns, Humane has not publicly addressed the battery issue on its website or other platforms.

In the full email sent to customers, Humane emphasized the importance of customer safety and highlighted its commitment to maintaining high quality standards. The company assured users that the AI Pin and related accessories undergo rigorous testing to comply with US and international safety regulations.

Although this situation may cause inconvenience to customers, Humane remains dedicated to ensuring their safety and satisfaction. Additional information will be shared once the investigation is finalized.

The Humane Team has yet to respond to requests for comment on the matter.