Apple’s iPad Pro: The Missing Piece

At the recent launch of the iPad Pro M4, Tim Cook claimed it was a groundbreaking moment for the iPad. However, the reality was a bit different – it was a day of minor hardware updates to an already powerful tablet. Despite this, there is still potential for Apple to truly revolutionize the iPad Pro with a new operating system that can fully utilize its capabilities.

The current iPad, with its iPadOS, is perfect for everyday tasks like reading, emailing, and watching videos. However, the iPad Pro is equipped with advanced features like the M4 processor, OLED screen, and ample storage. Apple has marketed it as a device capable of replacing traditional computers for professional work. But the reality is that the iPadOS falls short in supporting these claims.

Using an iPad for work tasks can be frustrating due to the lack of multitasking capabilities, limited window management, and inadequate support for background processes. Tasks that should be simple, like writing a blog post or editing videos, become cumbersome on an iPad compared to a traditional laptop or desktop computer.

While Apple has positioned the iPad Pro as a unique device separate from its MacBook lineup, the high price point and similar features beg the question of whether the iPad Pro deserves a more robust operating system like macOS. The Surface Pro, a competitor to the iPad Pro, offers a full-fledged operating system with advanced features that the iPadOS lacks.

As Apple prepares for WWDC, there is an opportunity to address these shortcomings and create an iPadOS that matches the power and capabilities of the hardware. With the rise of devices like the Surface Pro, Apple must deliver an operating system that can truly showcase the potential of the iPad Pro. It’s time for Apple to show us the other half of the iPad Pro.

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc., succeeding Steve Jobs in 2011. Cook joined Apple in 1998 and played a key role in the company’s success, particularly in operations and supply chain management. He has led Apple through significant milestones, including the launch of the iPhone and iPad. Cook is known for his advocacy on privacy issues and sustainability efforts within Apple.