The day Santi Cazorla signed for Real Oviedo he only set one condition: allocate 10% of the sale of his shirts to the club’s youth team. They have already sold more than 2,000 and 10% of the purchases are from outside Asturias. The store invoices 20% more than last year.

It was on July 16 when Real Oviedo announced the return of the midfielder from Lugo de Llanera, who after forging a great career in Villarreal, Málaga, Arsenal and the Spanish team – along with two European Championships in his record – returned to the club in which was formed 20 years later and after an adventure of almost three years in Qatari football.

Cazorla signed for one season, earning the minimum salary of the Spanish Second Division, just over 90,000 euros per year, and ceding his image rights to the club with the condition of allocating part of the resources from the sales of his shirt to help the club. blue quarry.

Taking data from September, October and so far in November, Real Oviedo confirms that 40% of the purchases made in the club store are related to Cazorla: more than 2,000 shirts have already been sold with the midfielder’s name and its number 8. Last season Real Oviedo had a turnover of 1,850,000 euros in store, the best figure in its history, but this season, thanks to the success of Santi Cazorla, the club is growing by 20% compared to said course.

In the field of subscribers, Cazorla arrived when the first phase of the campaign had already ended and Real Oviedo had 19,000 subscribers: after the last few months, now without the discounts offered at the beginning of the campaign, the club now has more than 20,000 subscribers.

Even so, the return of Cazorla did represent an important movement of spectators at the Carlos Tartiere, since in the first match – against Racing de Ferrol on August 20 – that Real Oviedo played at home after the signing, 4,000 tickets were sold. , a figure much higher than the average for other seasons.

In the social media section, the impact of the signing has been overwhelming from the first moment: the tweet with which Real Oviedo announced the return of Cazorla reached close to a million and a half views, accounted for 7,000 visits to the club’s profile and 76,000 interactions between users of said social network.

On Instagram, the video of Oviedo singer Melendi in which he read a letter written by President Martín Peláez and addressed to Santi Cazorla himself was seen by a million users, boosting the reach of Real Oviedo. Since the promotion of UD Las Palmas last season, Real Oviedo is the team with the highest market valuation in the Second Division: in 22/23, social networks brought Oviedo income of six million euros; This season, with Cazorla already on the roster, half of it has been added in just three months.

Cazorla’s return to Oviedo has generated so much expectation that the blue club has had to design a specific communication plan for the midfielder aimed at both the media and sponsors, with the aim of “being as careful as possible with his image and link the increase in his appearances with his positive physical evolution and the progressive increase in his presence in the team,” according to the entity.