Spain’s head coach, Luis de la Fuente, is facing a tough decision as his team prepares for their Euro 2024 debut against Croatia. Unfortunately, one of his key players, Aymeric Laporte, was unable to participate in training due to a muscle issue. This has put de la Fuente in a position where he must decide on a replacement for Laporte in the upcoming match.

It is likely that Real Sociedad’s Robin Le Normand will step in to fill the void left by Laporte. Le Normand may be paired with either Nacho Fernandez or Dani Vivian, with Nacho being the preferred choice due to his experience, current form, and recent success in the Champions League. Despite not being a regular in the Spain squad, Nacho’s familiarity with teammate Dani Carvajal at the club level gives him an edge over Vivian.

While Laporte has not been completely ruled out for the match against Croatia, it is unlikely that he will be risked if not fully fit. Nacho appears to be the safer option for de la Fuente, considering his experience and existing partnerships within the team. On the other hand, Vivian, despite having a standout season, lacks the same level of familiarity with the squad.

As Spain prepares to face Croatia in their Euro 2024 debut, de la Fuente must carefully weigh his options and make the best decision for the team. The absence of Laporte may present a challenge, but with players like Nacho Fernandez ready to step up, Spain remains in a strong position to start their tournament on the right foot.