Sometimes you will have to cut down on the online casino gaming. Meaning, you will always have to come up with different activities that you can try out for fun. And, it will all be easy if you are surrounded by friends and family.

Sports have been the best way that people use to cool off and bond with their loved ones. Who says sports are just supposed to be on TV and in Stadium? You can also get to try out these fun sports at home and have fun.


Yes, Chess is a sport! And, the best part about it all is that it does not need much. All you will need is a chessboard. After, you can then have fun and maybe spin it around a little by giving the winner something or allowing your family to bet on the outcome of the game.

But, you will have to make sure that you are aware of the different skills and terms that you will be using in the chase game. After all, chess can be quite a complicated sport. You can also play chess-themed slots by visiting on your web browser.

Wife Carrying

If you are a large family, then this can be a fun game. And, you can also invite as many people as you want and still try to maintain social distancing protocols. You can be in isolation but still get to see your family once in a while.

Or, better still, if you have a huge house you can stay with the whole family. And, instead of getting on each other’s nerves, why don’t you try this funny twist to field racing. See who can cross the finishing line first while piggy backing their wife.


 This form of Indian wrestling is so much fun! After being thrown into the “lion’s den” which is the side of the opposing team, a player has to try and get back to their team’s side. But, be careful, it can get quite dirty and messy.